What is the Theraflex System?

The Theraflex System is the combination of the Theraflex Machine and the Mantis Plinth, both used to perform Reflex Therapy. The machine powers the handset that actually performs Reflex Therapy and the plinth (treatment table or bench) is especially designed to bring about the maximum benefit from the treatment.

What is Reflex Therapy?

Reflex Therapy (sometimes called Theraflex Treatment) is a therapy developed to correct mechanical problems of the spine. The handset controls are set to perform various functions, almost like a bionic hand. The ‘feet’ or ‘fingers’ of the handset move at high speeds to relax muscles attached to the spine or strike them so as to elicit a reflex response. They are adjusted at slower rates to mobilize the joints of the spine. These processes ‘ease’ the joints back into their pre-injury position, thus de-stressing them without forceful manipulation. Because the entire spine and Sacro-Iliac joints are worked on in each session, all mechanical problems can be worked on uniformly, restoring a fluidity of motion unobtainable when working on individual joints. Each week the same process is applied, coaxing the spine back into a more youthful suppleness and allowing the muscles to strengthen through normal use. The only side effects are usually muscle soreness that lasts a few days and on rare occasions, some pain that soon passes.

What are the mechanical problems of the spine?

Mechanical problems of the spine are those that pertain to the muscles and skeleton or the musculo-skeletal system, usually caused by an accident or work injuries but sometimes from the everyday attrition of life and the work we perform. These problems cause pain and restricted motion that plague most chronic back pain sufferers. Even a slight dislocation (subluxation) of a spinal or sacro-iliac joint will render it partially or completely immobile and will stress adjoining joints and attached muscles. While the acute stage of the pain may not last, because the body compensates for these injuries, the discomfort remains and limits our activities and flares up when strained. There are also congenital malformations of the spine that inhibit movement. While Reflex Therapy does not correct malformations, it can correct many of the issues that stem from them.

How does one define 'chronic' in terms of back pain?

Usually it is pain that lasts more than 6 months after the original injury.

How long has Reflex Therapy been in use?

It has been practiced in England for 15 years and is also in Spain, France, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Lebanon and New Zealand.

Since Reflex Therapy has been used for more than 13 years in England, who uses it?

Though the treatment has been used in the United Kingdom for more than 13 years, it has only recently been given the name ‘Reflex Therapy’. It is also referred to as 'Theraflex Treatment'. It is usually used by Physiotherapists (Physical Therapists) and Osteopaths, but also by Massage Therapists and some who only perform Reflex Therapy.

What part of the spine does it treat?

It works on all but the cervical spine nearest the base of the skull.

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